Accelerate the Time to Success

Art of Acceleration is the first people-centric methodology for strategy execution to achieve extraordinary success

AOA Business Impact

The AOA methodology is a flexible solution that adapts to your business model,
organizational structure and company size.



Boost team


Connecting Strategy & Execution

The Art of Acceleration (AOA) unlocks the potential of your teams by making your strategy simple to understand and implement, ensuring that everyone in your organization can define the right actions to succeed.


Strategic Bridge


AOA enhances strategy alignment and commitment, boosting effectiveness and teamwork. Championing transparency, knowledge sharing and continuous learning, it motivates your teams from within. With AOA, everyone in your organization knows the actions needed for success.

AOA’s Key Advantages Over Other Frameworks

Tailored to your
business needs

Fast onboarding of all employees

Easy to use across all departments

Maximizes strategy execution performance

In today’s business landscape dominated by VUCA, your long-term competitive advantage lies in your people — and how they work together. By tapping into their potential, you’re unlocking your business’ success.

Our All-in-One Solution

AOA Methodology

A holistic strategy execution methodology that puts people at its core and helps build resilient, performance-driven companies.

AOA Management Platform

The AOA cloud-based platform for a smooth user experience and efficient management of the methodology at all levels ofa company.

AOA Coaching Services

Expert support for a fast introduction of AOA into companies and training on the strategic executional framework.

Success in Action

Martin Klässner,
CEO has·to·be

“Using the AOA methodology helped us handle the enormous, fast scaling of our company. Executing our strategy together with our employees, and the resulting team commitment, enabled us to achieve Austria’s biggest startup exit.”

David Niedermayer,
CTO and Founder Agilox

“We found in AOA a method that allows us to keep and protect very important core company values while scaling AGILOX. It gave us the freedom to act and make decisions, the creativity to solve challenges and helped us accept the responsibility that goes with all of this.”

See the AOA Canvas
in Practice

Curious to see how AOA applies in real life? Have a look below to see how a company used the powerful AOA canvas to identify their dynamics and areas for improvement.

Sustainable Success Is a Journey, Not a Destination

The Art of Acceleration methodology is a people-centric approach to strategy execution, addressing the limitations seen in popular management frameworks like OKRs, VVIG, Balance Scorecard etc. With proven success, especially in startups and scale-ups, and a comprehensive software and coaching system to support its implementation, AOA builds resilient companies looking to achieve extraordinary results.

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