Accelerate the Time to Success or Failure

In the world of startups, every individual plays a central role — and their contributions make the difference between success and failure. But even with dedicated team members, avoiding common pitfalls is essential.

The key to success is maximizing your impact and efforts to discover the best product-market fit. By setting clear priorities, fostering teamwork and building a strong foundation, you’ll extend your runway and increase the value of your company for future financing rounds.

Symptoms of a
Failing Strategy Steering & Execution

Self-Diagnosis Checklist

Curious to see how your startup is doing? We created a free self-diagnosis checklist to help you identify and understand the current dynamics in your startup. Take a look below:

How AOA Helps

Setting a clear strategic path towards market leadership

Facilitating the agile development of product offerings

Identifying the areas for improvement within the company

Enabling fast decision-making based on company and market data

Measuring progress and performance transparently and accurately

Rapid onboarding and culture integration of new team members

Success in Action

wepodit — Empowering Austria’s Podcast Trailblazers

Eva Langmayr,
CEO and Co-Founder at wepodit

“AOA will pave the way for us to become the biggest audio agency in Austria by clarifying what works and what doesn’t, as well as by empowering the team to perform at the highest level.”

rotable — Capitalizing on First-Mover Advantage

Lisa Holzgruber,
CEO rotable Technologies

“The AOA management framework enabled us to scale our startup sustainably and in a smart way. The constant reviewing and challenging of our intentions, as well as the quarterly actions, really helped us to develop a great product.”

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