Our Success Story

The development of AOA took over four years, integrating valuable insights from extensive literature and the practical experiences of our founders. 

We have more than just theory to support AOA’s effectiveness — we’ve put it into practice ourselves. Within two years of introducing AOA into our own business, we outperformed our competitors and became the European eMobility market leader.

In 2021,

an impressive milestone was achieved as Austrian-based company has·to·be, known for its software solutions for electric vehicle charging stations, was acquired by the U.S. charging infrastructure provider ChargePoint for a remarkable €250M. This marked the biggest exit in the Austrian startup market to date.

Our Why, What and How

Why are we here?

In today’s business landscape dominated by VUCA, companies struggle to execute strategies, regardless of company size or industry.

Ultimately, we’re all human. In our journey to success, our inherent imperfections create a dynamic and challenging experience. And the larger the company, the greater the complexity. With failing strategy executions, companies can lose up to 60% of their financial potential.

What do we do?

We accelerate time to success by boosting strategy execution excellence. We teach companies to empower their people to contribute, make decisions and drive the business forward.

How do we do it?

We developed the Art of Acceleration Methodology, a people-centric methodology for strategy execution that comes with a dedicated cloud-based platform. We build resilient companies by enabling transparency and alignment across departments, fostering high-performing teams of intrinsically motivated people and ultimately leading them to sustainable success. 


Strategic Bridge


Team — Who Are We?

Martin CEO and Founder:

As a serial founder, Martin Klässner is an experienced CEO. His greatest success to date was the founding, development and sale of has·to·be gmbh in 2021 – the largest exit in Austria to date at €250M. As an AOA enthusiast and advocate of people-first leadership along flat hierarchies, Martin is a mastermind of new management culture.

Jerolim Co-CEO and Founder:

A servant leader with rich experience across global markets, spanning the digital, startup, media and telecoms sectors. Jerolim Filippi excels in crafting transparent business visions with an agile, customer-centric approach. His prowess in building and leading multicultural, cross-functional teams and his knack for managing change have steered organizations toward overcoming challenges and achieving extraordinary success.


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