Guidelines for Strategic Success

Having rules is not always bad. In fact, having good rules is foundational for success.

The AOA methodology has a set of rules that enables it to deliver its full spectrum of benefits.

Life often encourages us to break the rules, but true magic happens when we understand precisely when to adhere to them — and when to challenge them. The AOA methodology rules are there to support you, so we recommend you follow them:  

Teamwork is key

AOA creation is a product of teamwork; there's no room for individual AOA.

Nail it

Clarity and simplicity with relevant context are imperative in AOA inputs.

Do the right things

The strength of AOA lies in aligned and committed focus with well-defined priorities.

Set goals

Establish goals for strategic and operational work across all business areas.

Nothing exists outside AOA

In the world of AOA, what isn't documented does not exist.

These rules provide the structure needed to harness the full potential of the AOA methodology. 

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