Strengthen Your Leadership through Strategic Mastery

At the helm of every organization, C-Level executives and company owners navigate a sea of challenges. Bringing strategic vision and daily operations together, fostering a strong and healthy company culture and ensuring sustainable growth can be a complex matter. The weight of the decisions you make is considerable.

The AOA methodology is your compass in this dynamic business landscape and gives you a strategic edge. It empowers C-Level executives and company owners to overcome common challenges by providing a structured, strategic framework that brings clarity, unity and commitment to the forefront by unlocking people’s potential.

With AOA, you can achieve a thorough understanding of your company’s status quo, drive transparency and ensure the alignment and commitment that will take your organization to new heights.

Symptoms of a
Failing Strategy Execution

Self-Diagnosis Checklist

Curious to see how your organization is doing? We created a free self-diagnosis checklist to help you identify and understand the current dynamics in your company. Take a look below:

How AOA Helps

Understanding the company status quo

Increasing strategic clarity, alignment and commitment

Identifying critical areas for improvement

Increasing transparency through a 360° company execution overview

Driving transformation through leadership excellence

Success in Action

has·to·be — Austria’s Biggest Startup Exit to Date (€250M)

Martin Klässner,
CEO has·to·be

“Using the AOA methodology helped us handle the enormous, fast scaling of our company. Executing our strategy together with our employees, and the resulting team commitment, enabled us to achieve Austria’s biggest startup exit.”

Wexplore Productions — Maximizing Success through Team Engagement

Max Dorfner,
CEO and Co-Founder at Wexplore

“The introduction of AOA gave us an easy way of communicating and co-creating our strategy with the team. What used to be purely a management activity is now supported by every member of the team.”

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