Driving Family Business Success

Family businesses are the bedrock of tradition, yet they face unique challenges. Balancing family dynamics with business objectives and staying competitive in ever-evolving markets can be complex tasks. Cultivating a shared vision and enabling every family member to contribute effectively can also be a formidable endeavor.

AOA, the Art of Acceleration management framework, empowers small family businesses and company owners to confront these challenges. It creates a structured, strategic environment that harmonizes family values with cutting-edge business strategies. With AOA, you can attain complete transparency, alignment and commitment, ensuring the continued success and longevity of your family business.

Symptoms of a
Failing Strategy Steering & Execution

Self-Diagnosis Checklist

Curious to see how your family business is doing? We created a free self-diagnosis checklist to help you identify and understand the current dynamics in your company. Take a look below:

How AOA Helps

Adapting quickly to the specific profile of the family business

Providing a clear overview of day-to-day operations

Standardizing reporting and performance measurement

Identifying areas for improvement and market opportunities

Ensuring strategic alignment and commitment

Success in Action

Element Beteiligungs GmbH — Flexible Performance Management of Entire Portfolio

Georg Kirchmayr,
CEO and Founder at Element

“AOA has given us a simple and scalable way to provide our portfolio companies with a strategic framework that can easily be adjusted to suit their needs. Additionally, it has helped us standardize reporting to quickly be able to see where we can support our investment companies.”

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