Art of Acceleration in Action

Over the years, we’ve noticed that when theory and practice clash, theory loses every single time. That’s why we developed the AOA methodology in the most efficient and effective way — by using it in our daily business. During this journey, we adapted and refined our approach based on real-world experiences.

Now, we’re sharing our knowledge with those who seek to achieve sustainable success and ensure their strategic potential becomes a reality.

Check out the AOA stories of our clients and partners below.

has·to·be — Austria’s Biggest Startup Exit to Date (€250M)

Martin Klässner,
CEO has·to·be

“Using the AOA management framework helped us handle the enormous, fast scaling of our company. Executing our strategy together with our employees, and the resulting team commitment, enabled us to achieve Austria’s biggest startup exit.”

AGILOX — Going Global Through Sustainable Hypergrowth

David Niedermayer,
CTO and Founder Agilox

“We found in AOA a method that allows us to keep and protect very important core company values while scaling AGILOX. It gave us the freedom to act and make decisions, the creativity to solve challenges and helped us accept the responsibility that goes with all of this.”

CONDA — Navigating Growth with AOA

Daniel Horak,
CEO and Co-Founder, CONDA

“For me as a CEO, the Art of Acceleration is like being the pilot of your company and having a well-structured cockpit for flying that plane. It helps me understand where we are in the different teams, where we’re heading and at which altitude we’re flying at any given moment.”

Haesh — Fail Fast, Get Up,
Do It Again

Nicolas Kirchmayr,
CEO and Co-Founder at

“Using the AOA management framework gave us a transparent view of our performance and our problem areas. It saved us a lot of time and our investors a lot of money because we quickly learnt that our market was not yet ready for us to scale and be successful.​”

Wexplore Productions — Maximizing Success through Team Engagement

Max Dorfner,
CEO and Co-Founder at Wexplore

“The introduction of AOA gave us an easy way of communicating and co-creating our strategy with the team. What used to be purely a management activity is now supported by every member of the team.”

wepodit — Empowering Austria’s Podcast Trailblazers

Eva Langmayr,
CEO and Co-Founder at wepodit

“AOA will pave the way for us to become the biggest audio agency in Austria by clarifying what works and what doesn’t, as well as by empowering the team to perform at the highest level.”

Element Beteiligungs GmbH — Flexible Performance Management of Entire Portfolio

Georg Kirchmayr,
CEO and Founder at Element

“AOA has given us a simple and scalable way to provide our portfolio companies with a strategic framework that can easily be adjusted to suit their needs. Additionally, it has helped us standardize reporting to quickly be able to see where we can support our investment companies.”

Dermagnostix — Empowering Dermatology Innovation

Natalie Garzorz-Stark,

“Introducing AOA into our startup supported us in restructuring our organization. It engaged each individual team member and revived the startup spirit and motivation in our team. Focus and goal orientation have never been clearer.” 

rotable — Capitalizing on First-Mover Advantage

Lisa Holzgruber,
CEO rotable Technologies

“The AOA management framework enabled us to scale our startup sustainably and in a smart way. The constant reviewing and challenging of our intentions, as well as the quarterly actions, really helped us to develop a great product.”

See the AGILOX Case Study
in Practice

Curious to see how AOA applies in real life? Have a look below to see how AGILOX used the AOA management framework to identify their dynamics and areas for improvement.

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