Case Study:

CONDA – Navigating Growth with AOA

CONDA is an Austrian equity crowdfunding trailblazer navigating the complexities of growth through the lens of the Art of Acceleration (AOA).

Founding year:

11 years ago

Current Size:

~30 employees


Equity crowdfunding


CONDA, founded almost 11 years ago, stands as a pioneer in the Austrian crowdfunding scene. With over 30 dedicated employees, the platform facilitates investment in startups and SMEs. The company experienced dynamic phases of scaling, reaching 40 employees at one point, then strategically scaling down to 15, only to surge again to its current size. In this ever-evolving landscape, CONDA looked for a management framework that aligns with its growth aspirations and dynamic business environment. After several rounds of OKR trials that did not reach the desired results, CONDA landed on the Art of Acceleration and is now reaping the benefits of the flexible novel methodology.

AOA Positive Impacts

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